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Scroll down to learn about a dream that raised
over $175 million for breast cancer and likely saved the dreamer's life...

Dream Mastery & Lucid Dreaming Online Course
An Unparalleled Team Adventure
Guided by intrepid dream author/researcher: 
Craig Sim Webb

Are you ready to...
* Truly break through to a whole new level of personal growth, career success, relationship fulfillment & life mastery?
* End unpleasant recurring dreams and the recurring waking dramas they are trying to offer you solutions for?
* Cultivate a profound, daily source of personal & professional guidance, healing & creativity, and harvest the many powerful, practical benefits for yourself and others close to you?
* Climb aboard for the synchronicity-filled learning adventure of a lifetime with a 30+ years of experience guide and friendly troupe of passionate co-explorers?

lucid dreaming 'Life is but a dream' says a familiar childhood rhyme, yet have you ever considered it more than an amusing quote as you row your boat sometimes gently, sometimes not, down life's stream? What if you could really know it to be true? How would you feel and act within this waking �Dream� we call life? And, how can you �truly awaken� in your life and begin Lucid Living?

Join the upcoming online course and you will:
* Find out (and in!) how to harvest the natural wisdom of your dreams to free and enlighten you so they can become the healing force and 'inner GPS' they're meant to be
* Learn the science, experience, art and practical benefits of dreams & lucid dreams
* Understand the powerful hidden truth behind all relationship attractions & challenges
* Explore proven techniques for remembering & understanding dreams as well as becoming lucid to enhance fun, fulfillment and peace in 'this Waking Dream' (i.e. life)

�I wanted powerful transformation and wow did I get it! I am so grateful.�
           �H�l�ne Gosselin, CEO, Assurances Gosselin, Inc.
TV producer

Your Guide for the Adventure

Craig Sim Webb, Executive Director of The DREAMS Foundation for over 2 decades, is a professional Speaker/Author/Researcher with well over 1000 lucid (i.e. conscious) dreams. Including pioneering dream research at Stanford University and Montreal's Sacr�-Coeur Hospital, he has spent 25 years studying, writing and teaching lucid dreaming, dream analysis, and Lucid Living® with a refreshing style that blends soul, science, heart and (hopefully) humor. He is also a physicist and dream-inspired inventor with personal growth, educational, and life-saving devices sold internationally.

dream analyst
Mr Webb has had the honor to be an invited/hired expert for major motion pictures, Fortune 500 companies, BBC, SyFy, numerous universities, magazines, and make well over a thousand international public appearances (ABC, CBS, NBC, CTV, CBC, PBS, MSN, Discovery Channel, TLC, New York Times, etc.) He also helped found/produce Making Contact, an award-winning international radio show that has aired weekly on ~150-250 stations for 25+ years.
He�s had the privilege to train top CEO�s, celebrities, doctors, world class athletes, professors, best-selling authors, and many other adventurers from all walks of life, helping them make profound breakthroughs and have plenty of fun in the process.

�I most liked the trust created by Craig, and his unbelievable ability to access, trust and stay with his intuition and see and contact a deeper reality. I found him to be the least ego-driven teacher/facilitator I've ever encountered.� �Christine Dreisziger
TV producer �I admire your work and dedication. Your ability to deliver complex ideas clearly and concisely is outstanding, plus you are a wonderful listener.�
           �Bailey Barash, Emmy-winning CNN Executive Producer
�Your insight into the dreams I tell you about is astounding."
      �Dr. Tom Hutchison, M.D., Director of McGill University Whole Person Care
�Craig, please know that the class truly changed the course of my life for the better. I'm deeply grateful for the many gifts." �Denise Beamish, online course graduate
�Your work is spectacular, but at the same time extremely enjoyable." �J. Jothira
�Fascinating.� �Joseph Mallozzi, Writer/Executive Producer,
        Stargate Atlantis (SyFy channel's longest running weekly show)
TV author/producer

In 1996, British fashion stylist Nina Barough awoke from a dream about "lots of women walking fast in a marathon, all wearing bras on top of their T-shirts to raise funds for cancer research". Nina, then 42, followed the dream and entered a marathon (with her bra showing as the dream suggested), and then another, and eventually raised enough support and interest to create the "Walk the Walk" foundation that has now raised over $175 million for breast cancer. Nina's dream also seems precognitive, possibly helping to save her life, since she developed breast cancer about a year later, and one of the health programs supported by the funds that Walk the Walk generated played a big role in helping her to overcome her own cancer.

Class Details:

Schedule: please contact for class start date, duration is 10 weeks
Format of each week's class:
* live 120-minute conference call  (one evening/week)
* private class recordings available (strictly for class members)
* highly interactive live training session (spoken and/or powerpoint webinar)
* insightful & fun live learning exercises with other team members
* (if you wish:) friendly personalized feedback from guide & team
* plenty of playful team sharing, insightful discussion & synchronicities
* a weekly experiment/technique to try at home during the week
* lively, supportive discussion during the week on a private team chat forum
Group size: up to 12 inspired adventurers
Equipment needed: computer headset, headphones, or phone ear plug
Tuition: $345
To register or ask questions: register@craigwebb.ca

Friendly Warning: Prepare to have your mind stretched, your spirit awakened,
your heart lifted, and your funny bone quite possibly tickled.

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